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Cheats and Crooks and Creeps. Oh my!

Dorothy, we’re not in Kansas anymore. The moral compass that Auntie Em and Uncle Henry provided has been spun through the eye of the tornado and it has lost its direction.

I just read that McKinsey, one of the most prestigious consulting companies in the world, has instituted a new set of rules to prevent another ‘incident.’ That’s my mild-mannered way of saying that two senior leaders in the…

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You want ‘Team Chemistry’? Start with Biology and Physics!

Forbes’ publisher Rich Karlgaard drew a line in the sand when he launched an article entitled Teams Matter, Talent Is Not Enough. And then along came the brilliant research of Adam Grant, set forth in his NY Times best-seller Give and Take. Dr. Grant proved that, contrary to a particularly nasty old adage, nice people frequently finish first.

I see these two writings (and waves of commentary…

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Do it for the Team

Fresh off the (Word)Press! - “Do it for the Team” - @DrJanice #teamwork #leadership #careerdevelopment

To my parents, who were the children of immigrants, the idea that work should be meaningful was self-indulgent. They considered work to be a matter of tribal survival, to wit: You work hard. You provide for your family. You support your community. You put things off for the future and hope for the best. Those were the important things; the meaningful things. How different it was from the ‘do your…

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Question Authority! (Then Listen to the Answers)

I forget where I first heard the rallying cry Question Authority!

I mean, I’m a sixties person. I had it on a sweatshirt, on my college notebook (kids, this was a primitive device that required pen, paper, and handwriting) and on the stickers we pasted on phone booths. (Oh my… How do I explain ‘phone booth’? Ah! They were conveniently placed little rooms where Clark Kent could change into…

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Not a Born Leader? So What!

Not a Born Leader? So What!

I was not born a leader.

When I was born (and this was a very long time ago), there were serious defects in my leadership blueprint. First, I had two X chromosomes at a time when one Y was needed in order to be a leader. Actually, nobody knew what a chromosome was back then, so 42 Extra Long was the preferred measure, and I didn’t reach my full 5’2” until I was 25.

Although I had no choice in the…

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In Praise of Tribes

Have you found your tribes? Not tribe. Tribes.

This is a mobile-social-connected world. Perhaps way too M-S-C for some people…but if you’re reading this, you’re not one of them. You are multidimensional, geographically diverse, and time-zone agnostic in…

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In the ‘Internet of Things’… Please Remember the People

When I was a very young mother (and this was a very, very long time ago) my mantra was ‘people are more important than things’. It worked the way a good mantra should, as an all-purpose stress reducer. It was especially handy after some bauble had been…

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How I’m Hiring or Firing My Next Doctor

I’m not a hospital administrator or the owner of a clinic. I’m just a regular person. Yet over my lifetime I’ve had to hire at least three dozen doctors. They’ve been my medical advisors (for family as well as me), my ‘body shop’ people (getting broken…

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Care and Feeding of the CFO

John Marshall once served on the board of a start-up organization with me and since he was the only person with CFO credentials on tap, I asked him to do the budget. That didn’t make much sense, he quickly pointed out, saying “Janice, there’s no income to…

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Team Well and Prosper!

Innovation: the final frontier. These are the voyages of your life. Your mission: to explore new ideas, to seek out new opportunities and new prospects, to boldly go where no one has gone before.

It’s your future. You can either go it alone – be the…

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