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You’re Leaning In. Have You Tried a Push Up?

You’re Leaning In. Have You Tried a Push Up?

No I’m not shilling for Sheryl Sandberg or Victoria’s Secret here, although I’ve read one and worn the other. And I’m not talking about women vs. men, either.

What I’m talking about is your career, and I mean YOU, no matter what your DNA or externals say about your gender. Many of us are in the habit of playing down our assets, and while there are some good reasons for doing that, there also are…

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Take My Pencil. But Please Leave the Computer.

Take My Pencil. But Please Leave the Computer.

I just read that according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 75 percent of employees steal from their workplace, and many do so repeatedly. Instant flashback to the day my neighbor showed up on my doorstep, lamenting that his kid didn’t get a job because he had flunked the ‘honesty test’ given to him by HR. This is the same person who knocked on my door to confess to having done small thing that…

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Do You Work in a Culture of Mehdiocrity?

Do You Work in a Culture of Mehdiocrity?

No, my spell checker is not out of order. In fact, I had to fight to get it to stop correcting me.

Mehdiocrity:  A state of being wherein the only acceptable alternatives are to be non-reactive, to be unengaged, or to raise indifference to an art form.

There’s a lot of it going around.

Mehdiocrity is not as simple as mediocrity.

With mediocrity, you get a result. And if your team is truly…

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Does Your Team Suffer From ‘Connectile Dysfunction’?

According to recent research by Shikhar Ghosh, a senior lecturer at Harvard Business School, based on data from more than 2,000 companies, 75% of venture-backed startups fail.

Of course, there are different ways to define failure, but losing all the money you’ve put in – or losing your dream – certainly qualifies. Some might use shorter-term benchmarks, like achieving sales and revenue targets…

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We’re learning more and more about the mind all the time. Neurological functions. Brain chemistry. Thought processes. Feelings and states like being ‘in the zone,’ or ‘positively engaged,’ or even ‘transcendent.’

But it seems we are talking more about mind, and using it less.

We used to use the word ‘mind’ as an action verb or concrete noun. I present three examples for your analytic pleasure.


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Getting Engaged

Big-city high-rises often have exercise/pool areas that rival the best-equipped health clubs. I like to use the one in my building as a study. Late one evening, relaxing in the hot tub after a day of constant business activity, I was joined by two young professionals who were having a discussion – actually a debate – on the topic of ‘engagement’* surveys. One is a psych major turned HR manager…

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Privacy, Trust, Data, and Love

The near-complete annihilation of privacy can be a terrible thing. But when it happens between two people, the result is an extraordinary reward called ‘falling in love.’ So why, then, are we seeing such an uproar about something that – under the right circumstances – we are so willing to surrender?

Perhaps the current conversation on privacy needs a refresh on the element of context. In this…

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Cheats and Crooks and Creeps. Oh my!

Dorothy, we’re not in Kansas anymore. The moral compass that Auntie Em and Uncle Henry provided has been spun through the eye of the tornado and it has lost its direction.

I just read that McKinsey, one of the most prestigious consulting companies in the world, has instituted a new set of rules to prevent another ‘incident.’ That’s my mild-mannered way of saying that two senior leaders in the…

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You want ‘Team Chemistry’? Start with Biology and Physics!

Forbes’ publisher Rich Karlgaard drew a line in the sand when he launched an article entitled Teams Matter, Talent Is Not Enough. And then along came the brilliant research of Adam Grant, set forth in his NY Times best-seller Give and Take. Dr. Grant proved that, contrary to a particularly nasty old adage, nice people frequently finish first.

I see these two writings (and waves of commentary…

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Do it for the Team

Fresh off the (Word)Press! - “Do it for the Team” - @DrJanice #teamwork #leadership #careerdevelopment

To my parents, who were the children of immigrants, the idea that work should be meaningful was self-indulgent. They considered work to be a matter of tribal survival, to wit: You work hard. You provide for your family. You support your community. You put things off for the future and hope for the best. Those were the important things; the meaningful things. How different it was from the ‘do your…

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